Have you ever heard about cork granules? If no, then you definitely should learn a bit about them – it’s another wonderful offspring of a cork. Apparently, a bark from a cork oak tree can be used to make granules from it. What do cork granules do? Well, first of all they can be made in all sorts of sizes and densities, meaning that they can be either really big, or really small. It makes them pretty much universal and it means they can be used in a lot of situations.

Where do I use cork granules?

Now, cork granules (similarly to cork rolls or cork walls) have serious absorbing properties. Should your cup of coffee fall on the cork flooring, the drink will be absorbed by it. That’s why cork granules are commonly used by fire and other emergency services. They can absorb all sorts of substances – be it water or oil spill. You will also see cork granules being used in a typical industrial company, where leakages might happen often. They will work in a household as well, though. Especially if the children are around, since they spill a lot of things and sometimes it would be useful to have a quick way to absorb all the water, for example from the rug.


  Create art with cork

Are you a painter or an art teacher? Consider using cork granules as an interesting addition to the works of art created by your pupils. The cork itself is really cheap and you can granulate it yourself, which can be an interesting and funny exercise for the children. After you obtain granulated cork, you may ask the students to use it as texture or to create special effects on their painting or other work of art. It may result in an interesting effect and it sure improves the creativity. Not to mention all the fun you will have during the class.

Insulating cork

Cork in its granulated form is a great filler. For example, if you need to pack something, you can fill the rest of the package with cork granules to make sure the contents will not break or get damaged. On the other hand, it’s not a suitable filler for every type of package, obviously and you should make sure that the receiver knows about the filler, so they don’t accidentally spill all the granules on them. Although, it surely would be a funny joke, now that I think of it. Maybe it’s a little Halloween prank idea?

Overall, it’s hard to enlist every possible use of granulated cork – there’s simply so much to it and it all depends just on the creativity. However, it is easy and cheap to obtain, so you can simply experiment a lot with it to see if you can find any other use for the cork granules. If you do, let us know.