Cork is a raw material which was discovered a long time ago. Cork that is suitable for use, is boiled in a high temperature. Then from it we can make wine stoppers and cork boards. But this unique material is not only the source of cork boards, but also beautiful and eco-friendly walls.

Cork is everywhere

It is also possible to buy adhesive cork and cork roll that can be installed on the wall in a simple way and doesn’t require any help. Cork not only looks very interesting but it also goes well with any material. We can connect cork with stone, metal or wood. Whichever mix you choose, while rather unusual, is going to look great. It means that using any cork product is a great way to refresh your room or house without spending too much money.

Cork flooring or a cork roll?

Cork flooring is another way to create an unusual and warm room. If you want your room to be cozy and heated up, cork flooring is a good solution for that, while looking very interesting. Moreover, it’s rather easy to cover the floor with it since it requires no expert knowledge. If you do not want to make big changes, you can get a cork roll instead – it covers the floor very well too, while maintaining the properties that are typical for this material.

The properties of cork

Some people also like putting the cork on their cup of coffee or tea to go. Since it has so great thermal properties, it will keep the drink warm, while being also eco-friendly. Decorations? Here you go, cork is not only a great addition to the design of the room (it sure makes even the simplest home gadgets very elegant), but it has also its practical uses. And, of course, it simply looks good in all kinds of the interior design, while being really cheap. Its thermal properties allow also the cork underlay to be put under all kinds of hot dishes that might be made in your kitchen. The cork also has no specific smell, which makes it great for kitchen gadgets or wine stoppers – it will not change the taste of anything.