Sometimes people look long and hard for the best material that would finish up their construction or would be helpful in dilatation. What exactly is that and how does a cork strip help in that, you will ask? Basically, a dilatation is a blank space or a gap that was left intentionally. If put between some parts, it will help them in fulfilling their functions better. It is helpful in avoiding any potential problems during the construction or later. When thinking about dilatation, it’s helpful to think about the railway tracks, which need to have a gap between them due to the change of the temperature throughout the year due to swelling and contracting that happens during different seasons of the year.

  1. Cork strips during construction

So how a cork strip helps in that exactly? Well, the thermal and silencing properties of cork are a great addition to dilation, not only because of creating a gap that is helpful for other parts of the house, but also in the aesthetics aspect. Thanks to a properly placed cork strip you will avoid ruptures or cracks on the walls or the floor. The cork is also great for avoiding the permanent damage since it will not crack and will not dislocate. Even if you put a heavy furniture element on it, the cork will eventually just bounce back. If you are interested in such features, you may also think about the cork flooring or just cork underlays. A cork roll on the wall will work similarly as well.

  1. The properties of cork

Cork is widely known for being used in wine stoppers. Now, think about the wine: have you ever met a drink which had altered taste or was otherwise damaged because it used a cork stopper? Probably not. It means that the cork has such great properties and can be used to preserve the wines or other drinks. It also has some other interesting and unique attributes. A lot of people praise its thermal features, meaning the cork will keep the heat in the room, while insulating it properly. It’s a great thing to have while constructing a house. It is literally the most cheap thing to use for the finish up on your construction site or for the room’s insulation.

  1. Does it really work?

If you are unsure whether your cork strip will really work as intended and you are afraid it’s too fragile, try to call us and we’ll figure together out to help you see that it is indeed a good material. You may also do your research or watch YouTube movies for the proper use of the cork