Self-adhesive cork will win your heart if you value simple, quick and trouble-free solutions. The need for an easy and instant assembly of a practical technical plug in any place, resulted in a cork with a layer of strong and durable adhesive. Self-adhesive cork boards are standard cork sheets covered with a self-adhesive layer. The adhesive used is very strong, thanks to which the panels are suitable for application on both smooth and slightly rough surfaces.

  Cork boards on the wall

If you are not an enthusiast of traditional glue or screws, you will certainly be interested in our medium-grain self-adhesive cork. Ideally suited for all kinds of surfaces for pinning information, announcements, newsletters, etc. High flexibility, great aesthetics and high resistance to chipping makes medium-grained cork panels are used as wall boards, filling display cases and advertising screens. Installation of cork mats with our self-adhesive layer is fast, clean and simple. All you need to do is to break the protective foil and stick the cork panel on the previously prepared substrate. If you plan to cover a larger surface with a plug, remember to align the edges before mounting ? for example with a sharp wallpaper knife. Simple and smooth cork edges will reduce the joints between the plates and significantly improve the final effect.

Problem with a loud neighbour?

Coarse-grained self-adhesive plug is excellent sound insulation and thermal insulation. Cork board made of coarse grain, has a higher density in relation to fine and medium grained sheets. Glued quickly and conveniently directly to the wall as a sound-absorbing layer, it eliminates air sounds coming to us from behind the wall. If the wall is relatively thin and the noise is very annoying, it is worth considering the use of a lightweight structure consisting of 15-20 mm of cork board, then an air gap or mineral wool, and a closing cardboard-gypsum board or OSB. In the vast majority of cases, the satisfactory effects of silencing bring direct adhesion to the wall of 10 mm thick coarse cork.