Cork flooring

Cork flooring

Have you ever wanted a soft and ecological flooring with extra silencing and thermal properties? Welcome to the world of cork flooring, which will provide you exactly what you want.

The features

The main advantage of the cork flooring are its properties connected to thermal and acoustic insulation, mixed with the softness of the material and its resistance to toxins or dust.
It means that such flooring may help in silencing the room while maintaining its temperature and sometimes also serving as pinboard, enhancing the design of the given room. If you have a school class, recording studio, kids’ room
or private office that could use these properties, give it some thought.

Help with cork

If you are unsure about whether cork flooring would be appropriate for your house or how to install it, just ask
us – that’s what we have online chat or e-mail for. Our shop assistants will be happy to provide you guidance in the matter and help you with choosing the cork flooring that will suit your needs in the best way possible.

cork flooring flooring

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Cork mosaic is a natural architectural material, made from a by-product, resulting in the production of corks for wine. Cork discs are hand made and shaped into sheets that make up the mosaic of cork, easy to install on the floors and walls.

£ 4.50

Texas floor cork is a waxed cork. Its thickness equals 4mm.

£ 24.99
Online only

Down Town floor cork is a waxed cork. Its thickness equals 4mm.

£ 29.99
Online only
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