Cork stoppers

Cork stoppers can be used in hundreds of ways from home to school to the office! You can use them for crafts, to replace a lost bottle top, as a base in flower pots and much more! Cork stoppers are manufactured from 100% natural cork. The quality of the cork stoppers is measured by the lenticels. The fewer the lenticels, the higher the grade of cork. Cork is the outer bark that grows on replenish-able, renewable, inexhaustible evergreen oaks known by the Latin name Quercus Suber.

Cork stoppers are predominantly used for bottle closing purposes. They are an unsurpassed sealant for kitchenware, laboratory glassware, masking, and various industrial applications. Our offer includes first rank bottle corks. Each of the corks is prepared basing on the exact dimensions provided by the customer beforehand. The overall price for the corks depends on their size and amount ordered. Cork stoppers are suitable for dry goods and standing liquids, transporting many liquids and laboratory use, are close to perfect corks.

Cork Balls are ideal for craft use, hobbies, fishing pop up's, games, floats, whistles and fooz balls. Can be cut with a sharp knife or even drilled to make key rings.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items