Light, practical, for notes or photos — the cork board allows for multiple changes of the composition. No wonder that the offices quickly went to the interior design arrangements. It is also a great solution for a children's room. Cork boards can be easily mounted and adapted to almost any interior decor.

  For home office

Cork board is characterized by high durability, it can be easily attached to it and detach any information. It works especially where ideas are often born and change materials for work. You can also easily place important messages or reminders on it — it helps to organize the day's schedule. Accessories such as a cork board make it easier to work in a home office. When choosing a model for yourself, it is worth paying attention primarily to the dimensions. Their definition will help how much space is available, where the board will hang, and how many materials and notes are circulated during the day. Cork board always helps to keep up — it can motivate if you find sentences and slogans on it, inspire or facilitate planning, reminding you of travel dreams. It is also worth personalizing the cork board, for example putting favourite pictures there. Such a collage can be easily modified at any time! The frame's frame is equally important — wooden is the most neutral arrangement, and the metal fits into modern arrangements.

Living room, bedroom or children's room

The cork board can also be used in other places than the home work zone. Living room is a great place for an original collage. On the cork board, it's worth pinning pictures of beloved people or documenting the greatest experiences. Without additional drilling and piercing walls, you can also attach posters or graphics there. Cork boards in bedroom will be a good place for motivating sentences and, as in the case of the living room, your favourite photos. Children are constantly in motion, and the ability to plan and discipline is worth exercising from the earliest years of life. The cork board will be useful for mapping current activities and documenting interests. A child will easily create an original composition, which is always accompanied by lots of fun. Cork board is a universal accessory. It works well for day planning and documenting the most important life achievements. A good organization of thoughts is always in the price!