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You don't like diluted whiskey? We too. That's why we come with solution. Thanks to our cork cubes you will cool your fancy drinks without worrying about its deterioration of flavor.

£ 10.00

A simple box. But it's made of a CORK. So it's not so simple after all, right?

£ 14.00

Our wallet is made entirely of cork, thanks to which it looks modern without losing its elegant character.

£ 28.00

We know that Ladies like to stand out from the crowd, and we fully appreciate it. We present a women's wallet made of cork. It's handy, it's roomy and, you guessed it, it's stylish. You will not find a second women with such a treasure.

£ 28.00

Elegant belt, with a metal buckle, made of cork.

£ 30.34

A spacious shopping bag made of cork, will provide you with pleasant and convenient shopping.

£ 37.35
Showing 1 - 6 of 13 items